5 Ways Short Men Can Gain Confidence

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What’s height got to do with it?

Growing up, I used to hate it when ladies described their ideal man with the phrase “tall, dark and handsome.” I am dark and definitely not too bad on the eye, but the tall part is where I have always had a little problem. If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have spent a little less time whining and more time enjoying my uniqueness. We don’t need some scientific facts to know that short people lack not just height but often a little confidence too. People are often mean to short people and the discrimination is so real that they actually came up with a name for it; Heightism. Should it really affect us so intensely that we are not as tall as some people would prefer? And are the ‘facts’ true about the supposed disadvantage of being short to career success and even academic performance? I will say this; Bullocks! It’s all a fad and not worth the bother. I learnt to stop whining over a thing I can’t change and actually don’t need to change. While I concede that there is no switch that can be flipped to turn up your self-confidence, I share here a few functional tips that can help you mentally and practically as they have helped me. What’s height got to do with anything after all?

1. Dwell More On The Advantages

I had to make this mental tweak a few years ago. I really don’t think I am short, just fun-sized. Have you considered the massive advantages of not being tall? For instance, every “class” in an airplane feels like first class to me. I can stretch them legs out and enjoy others squirming about the lack of space in economy class. I have the same luxury on buses and trains. Comfort y’all! It is also amusing and relieving how I am never stuck in human traffic in airports or in concerts. People actually let me stand in front of them at concerts. I clearly am no obstruction so I always enjoy the show front-row-center. I also don’t know if I am claustrophobic and I doubt if I can ever find out. I am cool in any space, and I never have to crouch down to get into a doorway. These are awesome perks that we should and must enjoy people. Focus on them and you’ll see how much fun you can have.

2. Dwell on the Examples

I was going to disabuse the notion that short people are rarely successful by using myself as an example of a short, successful person, but if that doesn’t put you at much ease (as it ought to by the way). I will point you to a few others. There are way too many examples of the short, wealthy and successful people for us to believe the myth. Think there are no short and successful actors? Well, what about Kevin Hart, the award-winning comedian, actor, and producer that seems to be in every movie these days. What about the legendary Al Pacino? I bet you didn’t even know he was below average. Wanna talk about Sports? Manny Pacquaio is the first and only boxer to win eight titles in eight different weight classes and he is 5’7. Lionel Messi is invincible in football and is the only player in the history of the Ballon d’or to win it 5 times; he is 5’7 as well. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Winston Churchill were both below average and amazing leaders in the Civil Rights Movement and Politics respectively. In conclusion, we Rock!

3. Make the Jokes first

People are bound to make those deprecating ill-humored jokes about your height. You can make those jokes lose their sting by countering it with some humor of your own. For instance, when people call me short, I say “I am not short, I just like the weather down here a little better.” This does a lot to deflate the ill meaning humor and get people to like me better. I once overhead a short man challenge a taller man in these words; “It’s a stalemate bro! You are taller than I am and I am shorter than you are, you can’t beat me both ways.” This way you guard your confidence by having fun with yourself.

4. Use All the Dazzling Clothes and Props

I had a friend in college who was about the same height as I was but unlike me was the darling of the entire class, because of his impeccable fashion sense. The brother looked good always! Looking good does two things: it builds your self-confidence while also reducing people’s “noticeability” of your height. People like good fashion sense naturally. The ladies have always worn any size heels …nothing is too much. As a guy, you can try the amazing new add height insoles that naturally adds to your height without being too obvious. Who cares? All is fair in fashion and I can stand side by side with anyone …well almost anyone and feel no qualms whatsoever.

5. Ignore all the B.S

Well, I have already debunked most of the B.S that flies around about short people, so there really is no reason hating on yourself. Self-love is the key for us ya’ll. If you are a singer/songwriter then be the next Bruno Mars or Bob Dylan (yeah they were short too.) Whatever, you can do, make sure you apply yourself fully, do your best and ignore all the B.S you might encounter. Height has got absolutely nothing to do with anything!